Hólaskógur is a cozy cabin hostel in south Iceland, approximately 130km from Reykjavik. It is located between two power plants, Sultartangi and Búrfell in a barren region near the highlands.

The cabin has two floors and can accommodate 40 people, with a kitchen area located on both floors. Cooking facilities in Hólaskógur are quite good, so cooking for a large group should not be a problem. The cabin features a bright, spacious living room, along with complete bathroom and shower facilities. The cabin also has full electricity and heating.

Hólaskógur is located a stone’s throw away from amazing natural pearls, including Háifoss waterfall, Gjáin and Hjálparfoss. The view from the cabin is also quite amazing, giving a good view of the volcano Hekla.

Hólaskógur is also equipped to accommodate horses. There is a fenced area where you can keep horses and hay is available for purchase.

Holaskogur is a 1 and a half hour drive from Reykjavik.

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